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About Us












Our Mission

Let's Include Landon is a non-profit organization (pending 501(c)(3) status) focused on creating opportunities to bring children/teens with and without disabilities together.  We envision children who participate in our activities create real bonds and true friendships.  Please click HERE to learn more about Our Mission.

Let's Include...

Let's Include Landon

Let's Include Austen

Let's Include Everybody

Opening hearts to disability inclusion for a better future for everyone.

Our Inspiration

Landon is our inspiration for Let's Include Landon.  Landon has Williams Syndrome (WS), a rare genetic condition.  Although Landon has a disability, it doesn't define him.  We are inspired by Landon's positive attitude, resilience, and constant willingness and eagerness to give his all in new situations and challenges.  Landon has a strong desire to do what his peers are doing.  He wants what all kids want, TO BELONG.

Landon always "gives his all" so it is our responsibility to give him the love he needs, tools he needs, and set him up with the right experiences he needs to thrive.  Being included in activities in his community has given him confidence, friendships, and independence to keep meeting new challenges and conquering new milestones.

We would love for Landon to keep playing sports and benefiting from the connection with same-aged peers in a safe yet competitive environment.  We know there are other kids in our community like Landon and we want to reach these kids.   Please click HERE to learn more about Landon's journey and why he is Our Inspiration.

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We are excited to start building our inclusive community of kids, families, and community partners who want to be involved.  Let's Include Landon's activities, to support our mission, will include:











We are getting to work on fundraising, seeking sponsors, and laying the groundwork for activities.  But we need your support.  There are so many wonderful ways you can be involved.  We can't wait to see your smiling faces soon!




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