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Our Mission

To create opportunities to bring children/teens with and without disabilities together.  If we start connecting kids at a young age then these relationships will be natural and valued.  And the future for our society will look different. 

We envision our activities to not just have kids with and without disabilities in the same place but rather to create real bonds and deeper relationships.

Our goal is that Let's Include Landon will be mutually beneficial  Children with disabilities will benefit by being just as much a part of their community as their non-disabled peers, be part of a team, have a best friend, create true friendships, and have a sense of belonging.  All children should experience school, sports, clubs, camps, friends, travel/vacations, birthday parties, and outings.  But it's not just about going through the motions, it's about being seen as a true friend and valued just as their peers.  And non-disabled peers will benefit from learning compassion, patience, respect, kindness, citizenship, and understanding the value of differences and how to successfully work and play with people who are different. 

Let's Include Landon's activities, to support our mission, will include:

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