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Our Inspiration


Landon is always up for new challenges and adventures and is motivated to "do it all" even though it may take him a little longer and a little more work.  As far as milestones, Landon smiled later than his peers, sat up later, crawled later, walked later, talked later, used a gate walker, and SMOs (supramalleolar orthosis).  He persevered through speech, physical, occupational, music, and feeding therapies.  He saw and continues to see a multitude of doctors.  

Landon always "gives his all" so it is our responsibility to give him the love he needs, tools he needs, and set him up with the right experiences he needs to thrive.  Being included in activities in his community has given him confidence, friendships, and independence to keep meeting new challenges and conquering new milestones.    

Landon loves being part of a team and has participated in organized sports such as gymnastics, swimming, soccer, cheer, basketball, baseball, golf, and CrossFit.  Landon lights up when he is with his teammates and coaches and is always eager to go to practices and games.  Landon has athletic ability but needs extra guidance.  We would love for Landon to keep playing sports and benefiting from the connection with same-aged peers in a safe yet competitive environment.  We know there are other kids in our community like Landon and we want to reach these kids.    

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Landon is our inspiration for Let's Include Landon.  Landon has Williams Syndrome (WS), a rare genetic condition.  WS is caused by the spontaneous deletion of genes on chromosome 7, that affects 1 in 7,500 people worldwide (source:  WS comes with unique gifts such as being social, friendly, endearing, and having a deep connection with music.  It also comes with challenges such as developmental delays, cardiovascular issues and other medical concerns.  If you would like to learn more about WS please visit

Although Landon has a disability, it doesn't define him.  We are inspired by Landon's positive attitude, resilience, and constant willingness and eagerness to give his all in new situations and challenges.  Landon has a strong desire to do what his peers are doing.  He wants what all kids want, to belong.  

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